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Welcome to my blog.  This will not be a space for me to vent my personal feelings about particular cases I handle; rather, it will be a space to share experiences, good or bad, about this great profession and, hopefully, to allow you to realize that attorneys, like other people, are mere mortals, no better nor worse than any other person in this country of ours, the greatest country in the history of the Earth.

I do love the law:  good or bad, our system of jurisprudence is designed to settle disputes in an orderly fashion and to protect the God-given rights granted to us as persons, and, as American citizens and residents, by the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution.  Just remember:  without your lawyer standing for the rule of law, the very freedoms you enjoy would be taken away from you.

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After the end of my day yesterday (see Post #9), I had occasion to put into practice what I wrote about in the last post:  the collegiality attorneys…

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