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Everyone deserves the right to a fair trial. No matter what you’ve been charged with, where you live in Tennessee, or where you come from, we’re committed to defending you.

As your criminal defense attorneys in or near Greeneville, TN, our firm will work with you closely as we build your case and work to secure the best possible outcome. If you need a criminal defense attorney in the area, get in touch with Santore & Santore Attorneys At Law today.

Get Help With Your Upcoming Criminal Defense

The legal system can seem frighteningly complicated at the best of times. If you’re going through a criminal trial, you need someone on your side who can help you understand how the process is going, answer any of your questions, and defend you aggressively.

We’ve handled many types of criminal defense cases in the past, including:

  • Theft
  • Sex crimes (child and adult victims)
  • Plea negotiations
  • Drug-related felonies and misdemeanors
  • Death penalty cases (state court only)
  • Burglaries
  • Robberies
  • Other homicides (all degrees-first, second, etc.)
  • DUIs
  • Pretrial and judicial diversions (i.e., deferred prosecutions)
  • Post-conviction proceedings
  • Most other types of criminal charges

We’ll work passionately on your side to defend you against any entity. As a small firm in the area, we can offer a personal touch to each case-you’ll never be treated like just another statistic in the legal system when you work with us. We also have the time to devote all our energy to pursuing every available avenue in your case.

Find Legal Counsel in Your Area

Our firm has been around for 50 years. We serve clients all over the area, including clients in Washington, Carter, Hawkins, Sullivan, Unicoi, and Greene counties. If you live in Greeneville, TN, or any surrounding cities and counties, you can reach us at (423) 639-3511. A real person will always answer your phone call as soon as possible.

If you’d rather reach out online or if you have a question for us, send us an email. We’ll schedule an appointment to discuss your case at a convenient time for you. We’re open Monday through Friday and can make evening and weekend hours available on an as-needed basis.

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