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We invite you to learn more about our philosophy concerning the practice of this great profession, so that your choice of an attorney will be an even more informed one.

  • We know first-hand that you need to lean on your attorney in times of trouble. We will be there for you.
  • We will treat you with the common courtesy that every person deserves.
  • Our fees for services rendered are based upon our over 30 years of experience. Basically, here is our fee system: 
    • Most personal injury cases are taken on a contingent fee basis, generally one-third (1/3) of the amount we can recover for you by trial or out-of-court settlement, except that Social Security disability cases (25% of past-due benefits, generally up to a maximum of $6,000.00) and workers’ compensation cases (20%) have a lower contingent fee recovery via Federal or State statute and/or regulation.
    • In complicated, research-intensive cases, such as civil rights cases, where we know the defendants are going to force us to do a lot of legal research and writing before trial or settlement, we may ask for you to pay a non-refundable, flat fee, earned retainer, to be credited against the contingent fee we recover.
    • Finally, in other cases—most often health care liability and products liability cases—where expert witnesses and other expenses need to be defrayed, we may ask for a payment from you to be deposited into our client trust account, which is your money and not ours, and which is refundable to you, to defray necessary expenses, and to be drawn upon only as each expense becomes due.
    • All representation on any criminal charge placed against you will be undertaken by payment in full, up front, of a non-refundable, and earned, flat-fee retainer for our services, due to the special nature of criminal cases.  In complex criminal cases, like complex civil cases, we may ask that you pay us money to defray expenses for expert witnesses and the like, which, again, is your money, refundable to you (see above), and which is deposited in our client trust account to be drawn upon only as each expense becomes due.
    • All other cases, depending upon the complexity and possible time involved in each will be billed either by an up front, non-refundable earned flat-fee retainer (a one-time payment for all the work we do, regardless of the time spent on the case), or by payment of an up front, non-refundable, earned, flat fee retainer, and, if more time is spent on the case than is covered by the retainer, you will be billed for such time.
    • Generally, however, because we are big believers in mediation, if we spend more hours on your case than are covered by the retainer you pay, but we resolve most or all of the case in mediation, then we may waive payment of any additional fee.  But, again, remember that IT IS YOUR DECISION ALONE AS TO WHETHER YOU WISH TO SETTLE OR TRY YOUR PARTICULAR MATTER.
  • We regret that we cannot take any fee tendered to us for services rendered in payments; thus, payment for all services rendered is due on the date the agreement for such services is executed between us. Frankly, the reason for this is that we have bills just like you do…probably moreso.
  • My biggest prayer is to be granted humility: you are certainly welcome to “pop my balloon” whenever and wherever I need it.

In summary, please note that we believe that our service is to not only you, the public, but also to the practice and profession of law, to its judges, our fellow attorneys, and all the support staff who make our systems of jurisprudence run. Without our systems of law, the very freedoms that we enjoy in this, the greatest country in the history of mankind, would be just mere words on worthless paper. 

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