I’ve had a busy first two days of this week, being in our Child Support Court for the first half of Monday, and making a short appearance for a CDL driver in Carter County General Sessions Court in Elizabethton, Tennessee, earlier today.  I wanted to write this Sunday, but I wanted to be careful of what I wrote.

I was so excited with the new website Sunday that I “Googled” up “Santore and Santore,” and thought it would bring up this site.

Instead, it brought up my past, a past that I want to forget, but that, in a way, I’m glad I won’t be able to forget.

You see, the first two articles after I “Googled” “Santore and Santore” were something like, “local attorney arrested” (2005) and “local attorney suspended from the practice of law” (2010).

That, indeed, reminded me of the Scarlet Letter I carry on my bosom, the mote I seek to remove from my eye every day.

While I have never taken any unprescribed medication, abused any prescribed medication, nor been addicted to alcohol or any substance I am a “rageaholic,” a manic-depressive.

This manic-depression has led me to some unfortunate choices in my professional career, viz….

–The time I punched a fellow attorney in the mouth in 1993:  That was my first brush with our Board of Professional Responsibility

–The time another attorney and I got in a public cuss fight at our respective clients’ joint property: we both filed complaints against each other, but he passed before mine could be heard, and I was given an informal admonition.

–That incident in 2005 which, if you have “Googled” up this website, you’ve probably come across.  I got madder than I should have been but, to this day, I never laid a finger on the County Mayor (I helped defeat him for re-election and he snuck away in the night like the coward he is to Knoxville, never to be seen again).  Fortunately, no BPR action for me that time.

–The time when my former secretary had been run over by a harriden who was drag racing with her son down a narrow curvy road.  We were trying to serve her with a copy of a complaint when she lied to my process server and avoided service of process after I had traced her to Biloxi, MIssissippi.  I called her cell phone and threatened to do her bodily harm…that was the time that our District Attorney General’s office investigated me through the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation for terroristic threats.

(To show you, however, that Karma works, the State of Ohio caught up with this woman, imprisoned her for welfare fraud, then extradited her to Tennessee, where she pled guilty to a crime pertaining to the drag race that killed my secretary, Carol)

–And, of course, the incident that put me on the shelf for 45 days in 2010, which you have also “Googled” up: the infamous time during Thanksgiving Week, 2008, where I threw a cup of coffee across a courtroom before court started, ripped a stair railing off the interior wall of our local courthouse, came back to my office, and destroyed everything in sight, including my left hand.

That, my friends, was a breakdown.  It’s my Scarlet Letter.  It’s the mote that I try to pull from my eye every single day. My condition reminds me (a) how precious life is and (b) how humble I must be every single day.

Having been the only attorney, east of Knoxville, in the whole State of Tennessee to have been (a) sued, (b) arrested, (c) convicted, (d) thrown in jail, (e) committed to a mental institution and (f) suspended from the practice of law, I certainly sympathize and empathize with EVERYTHING each and every one of you go through, because, unlike most of my sisters and brothers in this profession, I have experienced the lows that you have experienced….I have been there, believe me.

So, on our “Philosophy” page, where I close by saying you can puncture my “balloon” any time, I just want you to remember that this practice and this writer are not ego driven.

Besides….you probably would like your attorney to have a bit of a temper, wouldn’t you?!

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